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Michael Harris
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First off, welcome to my website! My name is Michael Harris and the purpose of this website is to show off the Game Development work I have been doing recently. You can find a number of the projects I have done on the Projects page. I also have several Posts giving a short description of each, but heading to the Projects page will be quicker. Now a little bit about me.

I am an avid gamer.

I have been playing games longer than I can remember. I love games and ever since I was a kid I wanted to create great games one day. I have been focusing on my dream of creating games by teaching myself Unity. I specialize in programming and have used C++ and JavaScript to create most of my games. The games I create will be posted on this website to showcase my work. I have created some C++ games but those games are not yet on the website. I spend most of my free time learning and creating more games so you should see this website updated as time goes on. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so I hope this website shows my journey to becoming a great game developer.

I graduated with a B.S in Computer Science from Stony Brook University in 2011.

While studying at Stony Brook, I took several Game Programming courses and fell in love with making games. Since then I have been keeping up on what I learned. This is something I work on everyday and I hope that my enthusiasm and passion is shown through this website.

Since graduating, I have been working as a Java Developer at LBi Software in Woodbury, NY.

We are an engineering company and one of our main clients is MLB (Major League Baseball). At LBi, I work on creating and maintaining Web Applications for MLB. I work on both front-end and back-end pieces of the system. This includes Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML. We also use technologies such as REST, JBoss, Spring, and Maven. LBi is a great company and working on projects for MLB has been great.

Don’t let my job title fool you

I am serious about making games. It’s what I want to do in life and I work every day to improve my skills and reach my goals of becoming a Game Developer. I will be keeping this website up to date as much as possible. Right now I am working on a game called Scramble whose prototype is now up here for you to try out. I’ve mostly made games in Unity and some in C++ but I plan on learning some more technologies once I finish Scramble. I am determined to be a great developer and work hard to learn new things every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Again the projects I have been working on are located on the Projects page in the upper right corner of the screen.