Play NYC Update

Hey everyone,

Back from Play NYC. It was a great experience. That was my first time showing my game at a large convention. It was long and tiring but ended up being well worth it. I met a lot of great people, got a lot of positive feedback, and even some ideas about the direction I want to take Run And Gun.

The immediate future I’m going to start working on fixing some of the issues that remain with the character animations. Then I think I’m going to make a tutorial / time trial speed run obstacle course. One of the biggest take-aways from the convention was that the wall-running mechanics were a little hard to pick up. It required a lot of explanation by me and there was some people who just didn’t understand how to use it. I want it to be intuitive as possible. Also I really want to add some sort of single player component to the game. So I think a tutorial and speed run level would handle both of these issues.

After that I’m going to research how to improve the networking a bit. I ran into a lot of problems at the convention with lag spikes making the game borderline unplayable in my opinion. Whether this be switching to Client-Server or just figuring out how to connect two computers via LAN, I’ll definitely be solving that problem.

Anyways, the Play NYC build of the game is now on the website so head over to the Run And Gun page to download the game and play it on your own. I’m hoping people actually do this and who knows maybe you could play with others from the convention.

I left Play NYC with a new direction and renewed sense of confidence in my game and it’s making me pumped for the future. I hope you continue to follow my development because I promise you the game will be great one day.


Run and Gun New Build! – Update 4/5/2018

Hey everyone 🙂

A lot has happened since the last update.

Since then I’ve finished my C++ book! I’m very happy about that because I’ve never quite understood C++ and going through this book has given me the basic understanding that I’ve always wanted. I highly suggest the book if you’re looking to get into it and have a bit of programming experience already. It’s called Accelerated C++.

Shortly after that I attended GDC (my 3rd time) and it was great. I met a lot of interesting people, played some cool games, and left with a renewed sense of inspiration. It made me really want to buckle down and finish Run and Gun. I’m going to try and do that this year! But in order to do that I need to learn some things I’ve never done before. For instance I’ll probably need to figure out exactly what kind of aesthetic I want for the game, more on that later, and bringing in someone to help out with the 3D assets would be great. I’ve never commissioned anyone before so that will be a new learning experience.

A little bit about Run and Gun. This project originally started off as a learning project. I’ve never done a 3D game before so I sort of just started with that and dove in. Everything about the game has been thought of on-the-fly except a few things like the wall-running. Because of this, I didn’t do some of the vital things one usually does before starting the game. I didn’t make a game design document, I didn’t plan out an aesthetic, and I didn’t really come up with what I wanted the finished project to be. Now that I’m more serious about working on the game, I’m playing a bit of catch-up on these subjects. So I’m going to take some time to gather my resources and figure it out. What do I want the art to look like? What kind of character models? What kind of music, sounds, atmosphere? All of this I need to figure out. That being said, Run and Gun will change a lot over the course of 2018 so hopefully stay tuned for that.

And finally, I put a new build of Run and Gun on the website. It has controller support! You can now plug your favorite XBox controller into your PC and use that to play. In addition to that I fixed a handful of pesky bugs (like the jitter while wall-running) and did a BUNCH of refactoring and code-cleaning. Play the new build, see how you like it, and get back to me with any feedback you might have:

Other than that, I’m just sitting here eagerly awaiting E3.

That’s it for now!

Update 8/22/2017

It’s been a very hectic year.

Since my last update I’ve attended GDC, worked on a game for PAX, and started learning C++. I’ve learned a lot during this time and made some updates to Run and Gun. I most recently attended Play NYC, which was a great experience and I hope leads to a bigger game development community in NYC.

Not everything has been great though. A few months ago I had a death in the family and because of that took a little time to step away from development. In addition to that, I dropped out of a startup company I was helping create their first game. And I’ve seen multiple opportunities slip through my fingers.

It’s been a bit rough and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone since my last update. But I am still going strong. I’ve updated Run and Gun with some things like weapon sway, recoil, and head bobbing. And I plan on getting more updates out faster. I still love this stuff, and won’t stop any time soon.

Hope you enjoy the new Run and Gun updates. There should be more to come in the future.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Update 1/5/2017: New Run and Gun build

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys are having a great start to new year. I’m starting off strong by putting a new build of Run and Gun up. So head on over to the Run and Gun page to check that out.

The new build includes mostly some bug fixes for things like backwards and infinite wall-running, some big issues that were plaguing the game for a while. I started working on an aiming mechanic, so now if you hold down the right mouse button you will aim. Still some work left to do on that though. Next up is an actual accuracy monitor so that you don’t have pinpoint accuracy 100% of the time.

Updates have been a bit slow the past few months. I’ve started helping out some friends who are making a 2D side scrolling shooter. It’s a cool project in the early stages but I’m excited to see where it goes. But unfortunately because of that progress on Run and Gun has slowed. Don’t worry though I will never give up just a bit of reduced work being done.

I will be showing off Run and Gun on January 26th at PlaycraftingNYC Winter Expo. Come by and check out Run and Gun if you have a chance!


October Expo + Run and Gun Update!

Hey guys,

So I just got back from showing off the new version of Run and Gun at the Playcrafting NYC October Expo.

I got a lot of good feedback from everybody who played my game and am going to start implementing some of the new ideas soon. I also just uploaded the version of the game I showed at the Expo to the Run and Gun game page. I had to remove the web player unfortunately as it is no longer supported in Unity so you’ll have to download the game in order to play it. Updates should become more frequent as I get back to updating the game more regularly. Oh and there’s a new level in the game that shows off the wall-running aspect of the game a bit better than the last one.

Hope you enjoy the new level! And thanks if you played my game at the expo!


Run and Gun – Update

Hi everyone,

I spent a bunch of time over the past 2 months working on Run and Gun and added some cool features. The movement has been tweaked a bit, some new animations and sounds, and I fixed some issues with the game running on faster computers. The most exciting feature in my opinion is the addition of wall-running.

Run at a wall at an angle while holding forward and you will run along it for a little bit. Jumping while wall-running will give you a boost that is faster than sprinting. You can chain wall-runs in order to move very quickly around the level. You can also control your speed while wall-running by pressing forward or backward. This should add some fun game-play elements.

I recently showed the game off at the Playcrafting Summer Expo in NYC. I got some very valuable feedback and ideas from the people who played my game. I’ve decided to show off my game at the next Playcrafting event in October. It should be a good time and I recommend you come check it out. I’ll be working on Run and Gun some more before then so it should be cool to see the progress.

That’s all for now.


Update 6/27/2016

Hey guys,

A lot of things have happened in 2016. I went on a trip to GDC, completed a class in NYC by PlaycraftingNYC, and started working on a new FPS game. I’ll be uploading the games I made during class and a demo of my FPS in the coming weeks. So this site should become a little more active over the next month as I get all those set up. Run and Gun should be uploaded as this message goes up. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.


Update 8/4/2015

Hey guys,

I’m proud to say that the development on my Scramble clone is coming to a close. There’s a total of 4 levels in the game now. I’ve added some new music for the menus and some animations for when you reach Game Over or when you complete the game. I’ve also gone through and tweaked the difficulty a bit, moving around UFOs and rockets to make level 2 a little easier to get past. This is definitely the most complete game I’ve ever made and I’m very happy for people to finally give it a try. I’ve incorporated a lot of things I’ve learned over the time it took to create this so it’s been a great experience. Hope you enjoy it!

You can play Scramble here

After this, I’m planning on moving into more C/C++ related games. Unity has been a great learning experience but I want to be able to expand my skill-set a little further. More C/C++ experience is just want I need. It may be some time before my next update due to actually having to create a new game and finding a way to upload it to the site. But it will eventually get here.


Update 4/7/2015

I’ve been working on a new game in my spare time and I’ve just added it to my website.

It’s called Scramble, and it is a side-scrolling 3D shooter created in Unity. I created it as a fun and challenging arcade game. Currently it only has 2 levels but I’m planning on adding more in the future and possibly a boss battle. This project has me really excited as I learned a lot making this game and have incorporated some really fun things. This game takes advantage of the new Unity UI tools and some interesting things I’ve learned about the Particle Systems in Unity. Please head over to the Projects page and take a look!

Please note that this game is currently a WORK IN PROGRESS. There are many things about this game that I want to change and tweak. This is a preliminary version of the game that I wanted to put up on the site as an example of what the final game will look like.

You can view this game under the Projects tab in the upper right or by following this link: Scramble

In addition to Scramble, I’ve also go around and made small updates to the existing pages. I’ve updated my Resume and About Me page. As well as some of the descriptions on my existing game pages.

I should be keeping this website up to date more frequently as I fix/tweak things with Scramble. Hope you enjoy it!