Update 1/5/2017: New Run and Gun build

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys are having a great start to new year. I’m starting off strong by putting a new build of Run and Gun up. So head on over to the Run and Gun page to check that out.

The new build includes mostly some bug fixes for things like backwards and infinite wall-running, some big issues that were plaguing the game for a while. I started working on an aiming mechanic, so now if you hold down the right mouse button you will aim. Still some work left to do on that though. Next up is an actual accuracy monitor so that you don’t have pinpoint accuracy 100% of the time.

Updates have been a bit slow the past few months. I’ve started helping out some friends who are making a 2D side scrolling shooter. It’s a cool project in the early stages but I’m excited to see where it goes. But unfortunately because of that progress on Run and Gun has slowed. Don’t worry though I will never give up just a bit of reduced work being done.

I will be showing off Run and Gun on January 26th at PlaycraftingNYC Winter Expo. Come by and check out Run and Gun if you have a chance!