Update 8/22/2017

It’s been a very hectic year.

Since my last update I’ve attended GDC, worked on a game for PAX, and started learning C++. I’ve learned a lot during this time and made some updates to Run and Gun. I most recently attended Play NYC, which was a great experience and I hope leads to a bigger game development community in NYC.

Not everything has been great though. A few months ago I had a death in the family and because of that took a little time to step away from development. In addition to that, I dropped out of a startup company I was helping create their first game. And I’ve seen multiple opportunities slip through my fingers.

It’s been a bit rough and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone since my last update. But I am still going strong. I’ve updated Run and Gun with some things like weapon sway, recoil, and head bobbing. And I plan on getting more updates out faster. I still love this stuff, and won’t stop any time soon.

Hope you enjoy the new Run and Gun updates. There should be more to come in the future.

Thanks for sticking with me!