I’ve recently added a new game to my Projects page called Scramble. This is a game I’ve been working on for a while. It’s another clone of a classic game, yea I know it’s not very creative, but I assure you this isn’t an exact clone of the original game. I’ve added some new concepts that I’ve learned along the way so I’m a little proud to show it off. Sure it’s nothing innovative or crazy ambitious but I was determined to use this project as a way to learn some new things and I’ve achieved that.

Scramble is a 3D side-scrolling shooter with a bit of an arcade style. You man a spaceship that is attacking an enemy stronghold fortified with missiles, fuel cells, and enemy spaceships. I tried to make the UI look like an old-school arcade UI. I hope you enjoy it!

Play Scramble here

Update 4/7/2015

I’ve been working on a new game in my spare time and I’ve just added it to my website.

It’s called Scramble, and it is a side-scrolling 3D shooter created in Unity. I created it as a fun and challenging arcade game. Currently it only has 2 levels but I’m planning on adding more in the future and possibly a boss battle. This project has me really excited as I learned a lot making this game and have incorporated some really fun things. This game takes advantage of the new Unity UI tools and some interesting things I’ve learned about the Particle Systems in Unity. Please head over to the Projects page and take a look!

Please note that this game is currently a WORK IN PROGRESS. There are many things about this game that I want to change and tweak. This is a preliminary version of the game that I wanted to put up on the site as an example of what the final game will look like.

You can view this game under the Projects tab in the upper right or by following this link: Scramble

In addition to Scramble, I’ve also go around and made small updates to the existing pages. I’ve updated my Resume and About Me page. As well as some of the descriptions on my existing game pages.

I should be keeping this website up to date more frequently as I fix/tweak things with Scramble. Hope you enjoy it!