Run and Gun – Update

Hi everyone,

I spent a bunch of time over the past 2 months working on Run and Gun and added some cool features. The movement has been tweaked a bit, some new animations and sounds, and I fixed some issues with the game running on faster computers. The most exciting feature in my opinion is the addition of wall-running.

Run at a wall at an angle while holding forward and you will run along it for a little bit. Jumping while wall-running will give you a boost that is faster than sprinting. You can chain wall-runs in order to move very quickly around the level. You can also control your speed while wall-running by pressing forward or backward. This should add some fun game-play elements.

I recently showed the game off at the Playcrafting Summer Expo in NYC. I got some very valuable feedback and ideas from the people who played my game. I’ve decided to show off my game at the next Playcrafting event in October. It should be a good time and I recommend you come check it out. I’ll be working on Run and Gun some more before then so it should be cool to see the progress.

That’s all for now.