Space Invaders

Just recently finished up another game I made in Unity. It’s a clone of Space Invaders. This game is more complicated then the two previous ones I have done. This one features multiple ships, basic splash screens and menus, death conditions, enemy AI, and high score saving. This is also based in JavaScript, GIMP, Audacity, and Unity. GIMP was used for the Ship, Aliens, Mother Ship, Missiles, Barriers, and Star Field. Audacity was used for explosion sounds, shot sounds, death sounds, etc. I’m pretty proud of it as this is a more in-depth than my previous clones.

Check it out here


Go and check out the second game I made using Unity. This game is a clone of the classic game Breakout. It’s still pretty basic like my first game. You can use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the paddle at the bottom of the screen. This game was made using JavaScript in Unity, GIMP for the background, and Audacity for the sounds.

Play Breakout here


Take a look at my Projects page to play my Pong clone. This is the first game I created in Unity so it’s pretty basic and I only used JavaScript. I used GIMP for the background and Audacity for the sounds of the ball. The game features Single Player and MultiPlayer modes. The Single player will put you up against the AI while in MultiPlayer the left paddle is controlled with WASD and the right paddle is controlled with the arrow keys.

Head on over and try it out!

Hello world!

Hey there. Welcome to the first post on my site. I’ll be updating this regularly with projects I am working on in my spare time. Take a look around at some of the things I have done. Currently the site is a work in progress so please bare with me as I get it up and running to my standards