Update 8/4/2015

Hey guys,

I’m proud to say that the development on my Scramble clone is coming to a close. There’s a total of 4 levels in the game now. I’ve added some new music for the menus and some animations for when you reach Game Over or when you complete the game. I’ve also gone through and tweaked the difficulty a bit, moving around UFOs and rockets to make level 2 a little easier to get past. This is definitely the most complete game I’ve ever made and I’m very happy for people to finally give it a try. I’ve incorporated a lot of things I’ve learned over the time it took to create this so it’s been a great experience. Hope you enjoy it!

You can play Scramble here

After this, I’m planning on moving into more C/C++ related games. Unity has been a great learning experience but I want to be able to expand my skill-set a little further. More C/C++ experience is just want I need. It may be some time before my next update due to actually having to create a new game and finding a way to upload it to the site. But it will eventually get here.