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Run and Gun

Run and Gun is a Multiplayer FPS. It is networked, so if you choose Multiplayer mode then you will be automatically placed in a room with others, should anyone else be playing. This is my first FPS and is currently a work in progress so I’ll be updating this page as I add more features. You can download Run and Gun and play it locally with all the Multiplayer features via the download link below. Just unzip the contents of the folder and then run the executable file.

Download (Windows): Run and Gun
Download (Mac): Run and Gun

Space Shooter

Space Shooter is a top-down shooter much like Asteroids with a competitive twist. You play against another player via local multiplayer and race to see who can destroy the most asteroids. Players can also attack each other to slow each other down. The round ends when one player runs out of lives and the player with the most points wins. Killing another player is worth more points than destroying an asteroid but moves the match closer to it’s conclusion. Give the game a try by downloading it below and I hope you enjoy it!

Download (Windows): Space Shooter
Download (Mac): Space Shooter


I’ve recently added a new game to my Projects page called Scramble. This is a game I’ve been working on for a while. It’s another clone of a classic game, yea I know it’s not very creative, but I assure you this isn’t an exact clone of the original game. I’ve added some new concepts that I’ve learned along the way so I’m a little proud to show it off. Sure it’s nothing innovative or crazy ambitious but I was determined to use this project as a way to learn some new things and I’ve achieved that.

Scramble is a 3D side-scrolling shooter with a bit of an arcade style. You man a spaceship that is attacking an enemy stronghold fortified with missiles, fuel cells, and enemy spaceships. I tried to make the UI look like an old-school arcade UI. I hope you enjoy it!

Play Scramble here

Space Invaders

Just recently finished up another game I made in Unity. It’s a clone of Space Invaders. This game is more complicated then the two previous ones I have done. This one features multiple ships, basic splash screens and menus, death conditions, enemy AI, and high score saving. This is also based in JavaScript, GIMP, Audacity, and Unity. GIMP was used for the Ship, Aliens, Mother Ship, Missiles, Barriers, and Star Field. Audacity was used for explosion sounds, shot sounds, death sounds, etc. I’m pretty proud of it as this is a more in-depth than my previous clones.

Check it out here


Go and check out the second game I made using Unity. This game is a clone of the classic game Breakout. It’s still pretty basic like my first game. You can use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the paddle at the bottom of the screen. This game was made using JavaScript in Unity, GIMP for the background, and Audacity for the sounds.

Play Breakout here


Take a look at my Projects page to play my Pong clone. This is the first game I created in Unity so it’s pretty basic and I only used JavaScript. I used GIMP for the background and Audacity for the sounds of the ball. The game features Single Player and MultiPlayer modes. The Single player will put you up against the AI while in MultiPlayer the left paddle is controlled with WASD and the right paddle is controlled with the arrow keys.

Head on over and try it out!